Artificial Intelligence as a Service

Your business may already benefit from AIaaS in some way or another without even realizing it.

Artificial Intelligence as a service (AIaaS) is a concept that is reasonably new to most businesses, but it’s been steadily growing in popularity over recent years. In fact, your business may already benefit from it in some way or another without even realizing it.

In this article, we’ll look at what AIaaS is, some of the more common forms of it, and how it could help your business become both more efficient and more effective.

What is AIaaS?

‘AIaaS’ refers to the on-demand supply of various AI technologies to businesses that cannot or do not want to implement a full AI infrastructure themselves. It is essentially a branch of software as a service (SaaS), a method that countless organizations around the world use to meet their complex software needs.

The basic idea is that a provider can lease out AI capabilities for a recurring fee. This spreads the cost of the AI services and bypasses the need for a large initial outlay.

Why is AI so useful for modern businesses?

Modern AI is an incredibly powerful tool for business, and despite the occasional alarmist headline warning of world domination by super-intelligent computers, companies have nothing to fear from AI.

At its core, AI is designed to improve efficiency. In general, AI software is created in order to perform tasks that humans find too repetitive, too time-consuming, or too complex. By removing the demands on human employees, organizations can become vastly more efficient, perform tasks faster, and often experience better overall outcomes.

To break it down further, here are a few of the key benefits AI can bring to any organization.


AI is the perfect way to automate many key processes of your operations. The scope and number of possible automations are vast, including everything from physical manufacturing to payroll administration, marketing, and much more, but the common feature is that it reduces the need for human labor in these processes. By automating fundamental operations, companies can save time and focus on other areas of business.


Greater efficiency means reduced costs, which in turn means greater profits, and there’s no denying that this is the number one driver for almost every business on the planet. The rapid growth in both the capabilities and accessibility of AI makes it an excellent way to reduce costs, and this is something that is only going to increase as time progresses.


The days of AI only being attainable for governments and huge corporations are long gone. Now, AI technology can be incredibly useful for even small businesses and startups, helping with things like general administration and other crucial operations. When businesses grow, existing AI software can often be scaled, or new software can be rapidly integrated into operations to meet the new demands.

What are the advantages of AIaaS?

Using AI as an on-demand service offers a number of unique benefits to many businesses, making it an attractive option. Here are a few of the most prominent advantages.

Flexibility and Accessibility

AIaaS is, by definition, an on-demand model, allowing customers to ‘rent’ AI capabilities at different levels and for different time periods depending on their unique needs. This means that even startups and small to medium-sized businesses – whose infrastructure budgets may be severely limited – can still access all the powerful, revolutionary benefits of AI. Beyond this, it means that services can be picked and chosen to suit the exact needs of each business, adding to the accessibility whilst also making it a highly targeted technology solution.


AIaaS solutions can be integrated into a company’s existing operations far quicker than in-house-built solutions, which could feasibly take months to be implemented. With on-demand AIaaS, customers can literally go from ordering to enjoying full functionality within a matter of days, with consultancy and customization all taking place within that timeframe. When timescales and budgets are tight, the rapid deployment of technology can be an invaluable asset.

Constant Updates

A major issue with in-house AI solutions is that fact that, in today’s fast-paced business environment, technology goes out of date very quickly. At best, this results in sub-optimal functionality. At worst, it allows competitors to gain a significant advantage. The only way to avoid this scenario is to update regularly, but that can be prohibitively expensive for many organizations, not to mention an overly time-consuming process.

AIaaS offers an alternative to this outdated system. With on-demand AI, you can benefit from ongoing and regular updates, with everything included in the subscription deal, eliminating development costs and ensuring you always have access to cutting edge AI technology.

How can you implement AIaaS into your business?

Accessing AIaaS is, fortunately, a straightforward process for any business. A large number of service providers and options are available, so the most reliable way to work out which solutions are best-suited to your business is via a specialized consultancy.

At Eaglera, we offer targeted, bespoke AIaaS consultancy and service integration for businesses of all sizes, helping clients to rapidly automate, boost efficiency, and save money. To learn more about how we can help you, just get in touch with our team for a free chat.