Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Why it is unlikely to truly replace human intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has come a long way in a very short space of time. Just a few decades ago, it was something largely confined to the pages of science fiction novels. Today it can be found, in one form or another, in almost every industry on the planet.

This proliferation is mostly due to the exponential increases in computing power and the falling costs associated with the technology. Nowadays, incredibly powerful AI is accessible to most businesses.

With this huge growth in the application of AI, more and more people have started to predict that humans will one day be replaced in businesses. Entire industries will be run by computers, jobs will disappear, and humans will become obsolete when it comes to running companies.

These predictions certainly have some truth to them, but there are also some things that AI is unlikely to ever do better than humans. Businesses should try to see AI as the transformative and useful tool that it is and learn to integrate it into their operations to improve efficiency.

What can AI do better than us?

White man humanoid on blurred background creating artificial intelligence 3D rendering

AI has already begun to influence a wide range of industries throughout the business world in exciting ways, bringing about significant improvements in efficiency. A few prominent examples are:

Customer service

The customer service field has been transformed via the introduction of AI technology in recent years. To supplement their human representatives, many businesses now use chatbots as a first line of customer service. For example, AI-powered chatbots may be used to answer simple queries about a product, leaving real employees to focus on more detailed and serious customer issues.


AI is being increasingly utilized in the healthcare industry in many interesting ways. One is the use of AI and machine learning-powered data analytics in disease prediction. This can be on either on a demographic level or on an individual patient level. This kind of use of AI is capable of improving the way people are diagnosed and having a genuine positive impact on people’s lives.


Many different kinds of manufacturing have been impacted by AI technology in a variety of ways. In general, AI is applied to make the manufacturing process more straightforward. This can involve technologies like computer vision, which helps computers to recognize and interact with physical objects, or specialized machine learning that helps robots follow instructions without the need for programming.

What AI may never do as well as us

For all the amazing things AI can do and is going to be able to achieve as it progresses even more, there are some things that humans will probably always do better.

One obvious example is creativity. Computers and AI are undoubtedly far superior to humans at things like calculations, cold logic, and simple repetitive tasks. Complex machine learning algorithms are also capable of learning and adapting in many fascinating ways. However, when it comes to pure creativity, AI does not fare so well.

Another area where computers are lacking is emotional intelligence. This refers to one’s ability to judge the emotions of others and interact appropriately. Emotional intelligence is thought to be a big factor in building meaningful relationships with others, something that’s crucial in business and networking.

The real power of AI is its ability to enhance humans, not replace them

It’s true, robots and computers powered by AI technology will replace many jobs in the coming years. However, it’s likely that many traits unique to human intelligence will always be in demand in some respects. What businesses should do is embrace the change and see the benefits of AI to improve their operations.

Many transformative AI products are now accessible to businesses across all industries. With the right guidance, intelligent software can be integrated quickly into existing operations and start enhancing human talent immediately.

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